Friday, August 26, 2011

5 Stupid Things Men Love

This is probably going to be one of my most favorite posts. 10 Stupid things that men love! I think men are more obvious and forward with the things that they like. Whereas women tend to hide what they like because sometimes it may not be socially acceptable. I personally identify more with men because I don't care if people I know, know I love syfy movies, I love to share! Most of the time over share. Here are the 10 most stupid things that men love

Chicken Wings: I don't really understand why men must gather together and eat wings. They are probably the most unattractive food period and there is almost no meat on them. I know first hand when I get a serious man-hunger the last thing I am looking to put in my mouth is a little chicken wing. Why can't I just eat a fucking chicken sandwich with wing sauce on it instead of eating 30 little baby chicken arms. Also when people advertise for .50 cent wings, that is not at all appealing to me. I would hope that there is some quality in that little wing, but if I am paying .50 cents god knows what the restaurant payed for it. Ripping something off the bone with my teeth makes me want to vomit. I do not want little fucking veins and tendons swimming around in my mouth.

Playing with Testicles: I think that this is appalling. I don't walk around all day grabbing at my tits. I understand that they are in between your legs and sometimes they stick, fix that, it's fine. Do not massage them in public. I do not think that any woman is going to say "AHHH FUCK look at that guy grabbin' his shit, maybe he'll let me do it." I have a family member, no names mentioned, and he is touching himself 80% of the time. Seriously like Christmas dinner he can't stop scratching at his roasted chestnuts and on thanksgiving he will not quit stuffing his hands around his giblets. Like fuck I am trying to have a good time with my family and I don't need you playing with your gum drops, as I'm trying to eat mashed potatoes.

Fake Ass Titties: I appreciate a good set of tits like the next person. But people like Coco just have to have some serious heath problems. There is nothing sexy about scoliosis. And there is just too much to handle, I mean that's not the part that you most cases. So why the fuck do they have to be sooooo big. What men also don't realize is that no matter how big the set is, they do not look good unless they are tanned. No one wants to see a set of flesh colored balloons stapled on your chest.

Weapons: I don't really have much to say about this, I am not a fan of weapons. Lets start with guns, people say guns don't kill people, people kill people. I believe that there could not be a more false statement. If people actually had to physically slit a throat, smother or strangle a person to death, I think that there would be much less death. I think it is just easier to hide behind a gun. With that being said I understand the sportsman ship of target shooting and obviously military training. What I don't understand are knives, really what do you men need to cut? They're not going to protect you from a bear, that bear is gonna tear your asshole out and feed it to you, if you come at it like that. I find it odd too that men talk about their weapons like they talk about their penis. For instance, "I tore that target UP last night." Talking about a woman's face or Bin Ladin's face? You tell me. Or "Ahhh I've had that for years, always a good shot." There are plenty more I'm sure, so for now guys, put down the god dammed weapon and get some wings.

Anal Sex: To me this is obscene. Why do men think that an ass hole is a pleasure hole? News flash my shit comes out of there! There is nothing beautiful about looking at an asshole let alone putting something in it. Whether it is butt plugs or a penis. Men say that its better for them because the a hole is so much tighter, well it is not gonna be better for you when your ass has to walk around behind me with a shovel.

Sorry guys this was going to be a list of 10 stupid things but I think I hit the nail on the head with these 5!
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  1. Well, apparently I ain't much of a man because I only love one of those things: wings. I like my titties real, no matter what the size. I am not a weapon head nor do I wanna stick it in the bum. And I'd rather play with breasts than my nuts.