Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Can't Put my Fist in Your College Degree

     Today started off fantastic, clean out my closet, cleaned up the house a little, power walked with the dog. All of these things were going on as I was thinking of why I never finished college. I mainly attribute it to, I hated fucking high school. Why the fuck do some people go to college to do nothing. I never wanted to sit behind a desk, be a lawyer, a doctor or a CEO of a company who day trades god knows what. I have gone to college here and there since graduating from high school and hold the phone... I still hate it. So I have made the educated decision to not go back to school. I couldn't decide what degree to get anyway. I did really love bartending though, I loved talking to the people and they became like my second family.
     Anyway, I know plenty of people who are college educated and have regular jobs that did not require a college degree. This kind of irritates me, so here are a list of things a college degree does not do:
  • Does not get me a loan for a car
  • Does not keep me in shape
  • Does not make me a sandwich after sex
  • Does not feed my animals when I forget - that goes for watering plants as well
  • Does not have sex with my husband when I am too tired to
  • Does not go grocery shopping
  • Does not clean my house
  • Does not talk to my in laws for me
To follow up this list I have decided to show a list of some celebs who went to college and some who did not

College Educated:
I would be safe to say that Adam basically told his degree to fuck itself in this movie

While I enjoyed "that 70's show" I think the only thing that his engineering degree is good
 for is getting into those pants.

I am speechless

This is just stupid
 Here are some celebs who never made the attempt:

Cisco Adler: decided to spend his time modeling
Can you believe Micha Barton and Kim Stewart let those things slap againt their ass holes?!?!?!
Linda Hogan: Shes an author now HELLO SUCCESS
Tara Reid: American pie was her jumping off point... into alcoholism
The Hoff: He was binging like he was in college...
       I don't know about you guys, but I'll give you one guess who I rather hang out with!!

Tune in tomorrow as I delve into my favorite TV shows!

 Love ---- R

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