Monday, August 22, 2011

True Life: I'm Broke as a Joke

     Inspired by many of my friends and family I would like to tell you what either myself or people I know cannot afford because they are financially fucked:

  1. Weed
  2. All non-drugstore makeup products
  3. Bottled wine
  4. A car that I don't have to drop money into
  7. College
  8. Community College
  9. Jessica Simpson shoes- from Marshals
  10. Anything but Walmart groceries
  11. DVDs of the Simple Life
  12. A decent blender
  13. A decent apartment where my neighbor isn't a tubbo who walks around with no shirt on
  14. My bills
  15. Chinese food
  16. Clothes at target
  17. A Christmas tree
  18. RedBox Movies
  19. More then a single blade razor
  20. Clothes that I can fit in
These are people who do NOTHING and are rich:


I think these people are involved in human trafficking.

Justin Bobby, couldn't afford Chinese food so she dumped his broke ass.

Oh wait they're not broke, they sold their baby.

See ya soon! <3 always ---R

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  1. When you move back here, I'll buy you a nice blender for housewarming.