Thursday, August 18, 2011

Giving Birth to an Intervention

     As most of you know from my other posts, facebook, twitter and such, I love reality TV, and very little regualr shows. Here are a list of my favorite TV shows and why I love them:
  • Teen Mom: This show has made my life! I love to see young stupid people raise a child, sounds familiar. Maci seems like she has her shit together so I'll leave her alone, at least for this post. Let's start with Farrah who is 1/2 normal. She obviously has an anger problem that stems from god knows what. This chick yells at her mom for no fucking reason. NOOO MOM STOP PISSING ME OFF! Fuck no thanks, and she wonders why she can't find a man. I don't pull that shit for a least 6 months of dating, I let them fall in love with my lady-like charm first. She also on the last episode adopted a dog, what a great fucking idea. So she thinks that her dog will piss in the toilet if she dangles it above the bowl... really Farrah. So stupid. Then there is Caitlin and Tyler <3 awwwww. Fuck that. These "parents" decided not to be parents and have MTV foot the bill for bitching about it. I have watched these two on there for THREE seasons whine and cry about giving their baby up for adoption. And their hillbilly parents who are fucking married. Butch and Amy (I think). Butch is a predator, straight up. In and out of jail and the first thing he says when he gets out is "He needs to get his freak on" Watch it here :Then there is my favorite reality hot mess of all time! Amber and her butterball/punching bag boyfriend Gary. She beats him, she screams at him and she sleeps with him! That's punishment enough for this poor man. But no he wants his baby panda pants back and will stop at nothing to do it, like get drunk the night before Leah's (the daughter) birthday party. He then goes to get "party supplies" and goes to Burger King. OK, of that's a party supply, I'm pretty sure David Hasslehoff needs to be notified. And then he goes on to say that he needs to stop being so lazy as he literally ROLLS off the couch. OH and he broke the stairs in his house, and blamed it on being "particle board." Sure Gary... The people I do feel the worst for are the kids I really do... well except for Brandon and Theresa, who adopted Caitlin's baby. These poor poor people are not only linked to those two breadwinners for the rest of their lives, it's is documented on national TV, no thanks!
  • Intervention: This show literally shows how many families in America are fucked up. Junkie sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters brothers and METH ADDICTS, my favorite! I'm sorry who the fuck uses meth? (Cherrie and Sam do not answer that!!!) No, I like my teeth and I like my skin. I was watching one girl the other night who had me worried for my  life. This girl was a drinker, not an alcoholic in my mind. But her parents were worried because at 20 she binge drank 3 times a week when she was 20. Oh fuck. And now she has up to six drinks a day.... Now I'm not gonna say I have 6 a day or night, but its close. So I guess you guys should be logging on to A& cause according to this show, I need an intervention. Another one of my favorites was this lady and I forget her name now, was driving down the road drinking, I mean really who doesn't do that from time to time... What most people don't do is have 300 airport bottles in a ziplock bag in their purse. Oh and she was on her way to work!
  • Wilfred: Last but not least I would love to talk about Wilfred on FX. It is hilarious. There is nothing funnier about a big man in a dog suit acting like a dog....well maybe Elija Wood acting like a heterosexual is funnier. Here's a clip:This show just cracks my shit up every week. On top of the fact that it is completely inappropriate, the guest stars are what makes the show! A dog molester in a shelter, plenty of 'stuffed' animals and again Elija Wood is acting STRAIGHT! There is not much to make fun of here because I really feel like these people nailed it with this show.
  • 20000000 Kids and Counting: This is probably my favorite show on TV because these people are so up their own ass. This show does the best to show America how fucked up one family of religo-freaks can be. I mean I'm sorry but Jim Bob cannot enjoy molesting that woman anymore, its not even like throwing a hot dog down a hallway (that was at 10 kids), now its like throwing one of Octomom's kids in the ocean. The last poor spawn she had was premature. I'm no doctor but I am pretty sure that baby fell out when that bitch sneezed. Also thats a health hazard. And really why does this woman need to mother anything else? Get a fucking dog. They also all have names that start with J. I don't think that that have a JLO, JWOW or a Jesus yet! I didn't think that there were any J names left after these people get done. I would LOVE to see them name their 40th baby JLO and have Miss Hennifer Lopez sue the Orthodox full coverage pants off those people. Seriously someone needs to either A. call DCS or B. Sterilize that woman. Even better keep that hornball Jim Bob away from her... he's a menace. Maybe they'll give one of their J babies to Caitlin and Tyler and then thy won't be back for season 4!

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  1. Me the first reading your story. nice man. I miss red it. ha ha

    //how many families in America are fucked up//