Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Duggars

Bad Drivers

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


     There are few things that I love to do. I love to love, I love to cook and I love to drink. That sounds simple however there is one thing that I love above all, bad commercials. I love them because who goes to a plastic surgeons office when they're having a 2 for 1 special? What a waste of money! They also really make make you look like an ass hole. Also, they differ regionally as well. When Chris and I lived in NC they were almost all homemade family style commercials. Up here in MI it's a whole different ball game. Here are some of my favorites:

Ok, this is just fucking gross. I don't give a shit what is going on in your vagina. Never in my life have I felt like there was a porcupine in between my legs, or that kind of smell. Gross gross gross. I mean I will admit from time to time I have slacked off on shaving my legs, but I have always taken care of my feminine area. As men have their 3 S's that they have (shit, shower and shave), I also have my 3 S's when it comes to that "area" of my life. Shower, soap and shave. That way I will never need any of these products. Maybe there are more people who should adopt this philosophy. Also, I would like to add that there is a product out there called the vagisil screening kit. I think that this is obscene. If you're going to pay 35 dollars to see if you have some kind of issue down there, you might as well just go to the doctor who can 100% give you a diagnosis. And if you think you have a yeast infection treat it, if it doesn't go away, go to the doctor. Do not spend extra money trying to self diagnose. This is not a DIY project. 

This cracks me up because what is more horrendous then the ending of this is the creepy misogynistic tones of the whole thing. Like sorry sir, your daughter is ugly as fuck and you are an ass hole. That is all I have to say here. 

This is my favorite thing ever! This is a Michigan thing. But I cannot get over this. Ok, Richard is blind, but do you think someone could steer his face toward the camera at least once? I am not going to say anything else here because it's going to get rude. Please enjoy, and please please leave comments. 

I love you! ----- <3R

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bad Tattoos 2

     Yes, I have booked my appointment to do a sleeve! I'm going in on March 28th. It has been a long time coming and I am terrified. With that said, I figured it was time for this blog. I really enjoyed doing the first one and with that here we go:

Face Tattoos:
Again I do think this is always a bad idea. However I do find Kat Von D very hot.

Just think, what's under the hair?

I actually don't have words

Timmy here was probably arrested for pissing in public.
Thinks he is a badass because him and Lil' Wayne have the same  "Killer" tat. 

Really because I couldn't tell by the knee high Doc Martins,
shaved head and gotee. What an ass hole 

My Strange Addiction: I fucked my chess board

What a world traveler

Pretty sure the only pussy this guy ever ate was at
China best last week

Tribute Tattoos:

Aww someone cares more about Maddox Jolie Pitt then his
mother who has no attention for him anymore because
she has 5000 other kids. Suck on that Angie, MADDOX4LIFE

"Sounds like somebody needs laser surgery."
Santa, all I want for Christmas is this shit off

What she should have done is gotten his eyebrows tattooed on her
not that that would have been a great idea, just better then this one

Where is the umbrella? That added so much to the picture!

People DO realize that he was in many more movies
which made him look more attractive...Right?

He was not

TV Show Tattoos:

Where is Tigg when you need him? This guy is an idiot.
Obviously he doesn't watch the show. 

Awww Glee, looks like these chunkers don't really practice any
of the moves on their beloved show.

Why on the thighs?

Oh yeah here is Scooby, just chillin' on my back

What the fuck is this, the tramp stamp of a 5 year old?

"Now this is a story all about how my life got turned upside down
and Id'e like to take a minute like to just sit right there and
tell you how I became the prince of a website called 'I'm a fucking idiot'."

Sunday, February 12, 2012


     I know that everyone has that thing that pisses them off. But I am talking about pet peeves that almost any human being would be irritated with. I reached out to some friends their qualms and mine are listed below, please enjoy:
  1. "Bad grammar" I know I am not perfect but some people really need some work. 
  2.   "Look before you ask." Do not ask me where something is before looking first. Open the refrigerator and look for the giant jug of milk before asking me where the milk is. You have eyes, use them.

  3. "Women who pee on the seat." This is just disgusting and nasty. Get it in the bowl ladies. And if you can't get it in the bowl, wipe up after your damn self.
  4. "Do not ever tell me that my dog smells or anything negative about her." Daisy is a loving gentile animal. She loves to lay around and do nothing and she loves everyone." She is a hound dog so yes she may smell a little more pungent then other animals, but I do bathe her on a regular basis so shes not a stink-pot. With that being said, do not call me and tell me that I can come over but Daisy cannot, and repeat to me 300 fucking times that she stinks and that she stunk up you're house the last time she was over. You did not have to steam clean your carpets because my precious Daisy was laying on them for a couple hours. Please get a hobby.
  5. "Do not tell me that I should go to church." I'm not gonna say much here and start some shit, but just don't fucking do it.
  6. "Bad eating habits" You know who you people are, snapping your gum, chewing with your mouth open and smacking that food all up in your mouth. These things are just foul.
  7. "Hygiene." Men: brush your teeth daily. Clean hair out of sink after you shave, also use deodorant liberally. Ladies: see number 3.
  8. "Do not go to Costco with your whole family." There is absolutely no reason for this at all, people are perfectly capable of doing something alone or with one other person. You are not required to bring a pack of people to an already crowded area. Also, "Do not go there just to eat." There are other establishments where one can buy lunch. They're called restaurants.
  9. "Bluetooth." Get off that fucking ear piece and talk to me like a human, not like I am the one who is interrupting you. You also look like an asshole walking around talking to yourself.
  10. "Do not ever talk when a movie and or TV is on." You have been watching this just as long as I have. Figure it out and shut the fuck up. Especially when it's not about what is on the TV I do not give two shits that you put gas in your broke ass car today, I'm watching a mother fucking movie!

  11. "Adult women who wear braided pigtails." You are in Stamford, Ct do you see any farms around here? No there are not. And if you wear those high ones like one of those Japanese anime characters you've got a fucking problem. You're not a cartoon with a creepy open mouth, and you're not a porn star, playing Rudolf while Santa drills you out and holds onto your reigns. Get over it you're not 5 anymore.

     I'm sure I can think of more however the more I think of my peeves, the more I realize they are with specific people. And trying not to be a big twat about things, I rest my list here! 

Enjoy---- R