Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bad Tattoos

     Ok people, I've gotten that itch for a tattoo again, so I figure this will help me wait at least a week to make that decision.
     Have any of you ever seen a tattoo sooooo bad you want to actually cut that persons flesh off? I have and its hard not to. For the most part I love all of mine! I think I have somewhere around 20. And I would say that 18 of them are definitely staying. Most of the time if you do your research and take your time getting one you will not be disappointed. I do personally believe getting someones name tattooed on you is a bad idea, I know that first hand. Thank god I covered it up with an appropriate animal and it reminds me never to do that again! There was a girl I know once from Ridgefield, she was a couple years younger than me and she had her boyfriend initials tattooed right on the face of her vagina. CN. Outlined in black and colored in with turquoise. I immediately felt like she was an idiot and that it was a bad bad idea. I mean really. There is no coming back from that .Needless to say they broke up and he went to jail for 10 years for breaking a bottle over some chicks head or something. Oh love, how stupid. Here are some tattoos that I feel should never have been inked. Or at least someone should have shot the inkee before going in the door.

I always think that this is a bad idea. I think that most people don't have an eye for tattooing faces, here are the reasons why:
  I'm pretty sure your dead wife loves this charming memorial
Why adoption is legal, if that was my kid, I wouldn't have picked it up from the maternity ward

 I didn't know LeAnne Rhymes was a negro, she wears white people make up!
Maybe that's why her little brother divorced her!

Your baby looks cute with a odd head in color.
Your baby looks like and old version of Nelson Mandella on your back.

That boy is going to leave you for a stripper. You may have loved PFC in boot camp but he's coming back with a deployment check that you will not see... and all the other BRO's on base look like that hunny, find another one.

Oddly Placed Tattoos: People put shit in the strangest places...
Hey look, there's a pretty girl with a tattoo, OMG that shark is eating a baby...Move along

Animee is going to die one day... probably before you will.

I have nothing to say about this, other than good luck getting a job

See full size image
Btw, that's a vagina
Chastity Bono's Old one?

This is foul

I would have hated to be this artist...

    Obsessive tattoos: Logos and such

Oh Mozilla, How I love thee.

I think he loves Brenda... But does Brenda love skin head is the question?

There is a website about people like this

Shes a Barbie Girl! Obvi she and I were the only 2 people who bought the Aqua album

Should have thought differently about getting that tattoo

This is just stupid
Finger Tattoos:

So is your career search

I'm so gangsta. I'm so thug
Asian gangs 4 liiiiifeeee

mmmmm Saucy!

Tattoos of Disgusting Things or in Gross Places: I have no words for these, they are just foul.

Thanks for reading --- R

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  1. Some are just so nasty, some so stupid that they're funny especially with your commentaries!