Sunday, November 27, 2011

What I am Thankful for...

    Obviously I am thankful for all the normal shit like family, friends and free blog pages! Really though, I like holidays but I'm always cynical about how people only get together on holidays. Here are the things that I am thankful for this joyful holiday season.

  • Wine - 90% of the time I find that it is my best option
  • Rx Drugs - 100% of the time they keep me from killing someone
  • Daisy -She is the hairy love of my life, well when Chris isn't around
  • Penises - In a sexual way only, other that that you are looking at prison time (thanks B)
  • Lady Gaga - I wish I had the balls that she had to do what she does and act however she feels
  • Deodorant - Do I really have to say?
  • The Notebook - Just when I think my tear ducts are filled with sand, this movie reminds me I'm still human
  • Sons of Anarchy - Makes me hopeful that there are actually outlaws out there and maybe, just maybe one day I can be one.
  • Pasta - Feeling sorry for myself food always has a place on this list
  • Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee - For being the best role models for me out there!
  • Laxatives - Helps a sista out from time to time
  • Liquid Eyeliner - Makes me look like I actually try
  • Push up Bras -I can only wish that one day I won't need one...
  • Mashed Potatoes and Stuffing - See explanation for pasta
  • Mascara - Makes me look not anemic
  • Television - What else would I have to talk about if it wasn't for TV?
  • Laguna Beach - Where would LC be now? Who else's clothes would I buy at Kohl's
  • Long Island - The very convenient escape that all of us make fun of. I will always love LI 4 LIFFFEEE

     I of course am always thankful for my friends and family and here is why:

  • My Mother: I will repeat this as I did in my first ever post: She is a powerhouse of a human. This woman can drink and smoke me under the table of she wanted to. I love that about her. I hate however how she cannot watch one movie without talking through it. 
  • David: My stepfather is literally the sweetest man alive. He would do anything for anybody. Also, when he has a good party face on he will tell you over and over again how much he loves you. Ex "Allison, you're not my daughter, you're not even Michelle's daughter, but I love you like you were my daughter." Ahhhh love
  • Allison: My best friend and my sister (not biologically) we love our wine time and to shop. I have known Allison forever. We laugh and cry together and I'm sure 30 years from now she will still be on this list. And Amanda of course.
  • My Grandparents: I love them to death, however challenging they can be. I'm not going to say too much more on that, other than I love them dearly and that when they get old and forgetful, they're going into a home. Anyone who knows my grandfather will understand why. Talk about the 2 nicest humans on the face of the earth. I have never met one person in my whole life who did not like them, and going through life like that is not easy to do. 
  • Cherrie: My beautiful cousin, the sweetest human alive with a wild side. She is so smart and sassy, I just love her. We have daily BBM sessions in which we have a dick measuring contest with what we want to do with our lives. Nothing comes of it but we a get a laugh and it makes the day go by so quick.
  • Sam: My other beautiful cousin, I love her so much and for being my PIC for so many years!
  • Don Baker and Sara: Friends that I know I will always have and that are always around to have a laugh with. You can go 6 months to years with out seeing them and they are the same great people that they have always been and they'll be waiting for you beer in hand. 
  • Brian R: My best Georgetown friend who I love so so much. He has always been a great friend to me and makes me laugh no matter what. 
  • Joe: My first ever Marine bud. Daddy Frank introduced us and from there it was like 2 peas in a pod. I love you to death b/c you don't give a shit about anything or anyone for that matter and all questions can be answered with a shoulder shrug. And obviously Michelle for putting up with him. 
  • Husband: Obviously he is at the top of my list but I figured that this was a good way to close. I love Chris so much, he makes me smile and laugh unlike anyone else. He is a foul person with crude intentions and I love it. He is the person who is most like me that I could have ever found. I can tell him anything and he has never told me I was out of line, which is hard in itself. My heart just breaks when he's away. So with that, I love you Hun!

I love all of you - R- 

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