Wednesday, February 22, 2012


     There are few things that I love to do. I love to love, I love to cook and I love to drink. That sounds simple however there is one thing that I love above all, bad commercials. I love them because who goes to a plastic surgeons office when they're having a 2 for 1 special? What a waste of money! They also really make make you look like an ass hole. Also, they differ regionally as well. When Chris and I lived in NC they were almost all homemade family style commercials. Up here in MI it's a whole different ball game. Here are some of my favorites:

Ok, this is just fucking gross. I don't give a shit what is going on in your vagina. Never in my life have I felt like there was a porcupine in between my legs, or that kind of smell. Gross gross gross. I mean I will admit from time to time I have slacked off on shaving my legs, but I have always taken care of my feminine area. As men have their 3 S's that they have (shit, shower and shave), I also have my 3 S's when it comes to that "area" of my life. Shower, soap and shave. That way I will never need any of these products. Maybe there are more people who should adopt this philosophy. Also, I would like to add that there is a product out there called the vagisil screening kit. I think that this is obscene. If you're going to pay 35 dollars to see if you have some kind of issue down there, you might as well just go to the doctor who can 100% give you a diagnosis. And if you think you have a yeast infection treat it, if it doesn't go away, go to the doctor. Do not spend extra money trying to self diagnose. This is not a DIY project. 

This cracks me up because what is more horrendous then the ending of this is the creepy misogynistic tones of the whole thing. Like sorry sir, your daughter is ugly as fuck and you are an ass hole. That is all I have to say here. 

This is my favorite thing ever! This is a Michigan thing. But I cannot get over this. Ok, Richard is blind, but do you think someone could steer his face toward the camera at least once? I am not going to say anything else here because it's going to get rude. Please enjoy, and please please leave comments. 

I love you! ----- <3R


  1. Bernsteins, lol, can you say inbreeding?

  2. 1) Totally agree on the Vagisil. A little over the top with the skunk, lobster and puffer fish.

    2) The second commercial gives me the willies. I almost expected it to be a commercial for a pedophile support group. And who the hell is the guy at the very end??

    3) Totally ridiculous to have the blind guy never facing the camera. And to have him talking about disability lawsuits? They should sue themselves for stereotyping.