Friday, February 17, 2012

Bad Tattoos 2

     Yes, I have booked my appointment to do a sleeve! I'm going in on March 28th. It has been a long time coming and I am terrified. With that said, I figured it was time for this blog. I really enjoyed doing the first one and with that here we go:

Face Tattoos:
Again I do think this is always a bad idea. However I do find Kat Von D very hot.

Just think, what's under the hair?

I actually don't have words

Timmy here was probably arrested for pissing in public.
Thinks he is a badass because him and Lil' Wayne have the same  "Killer" tat. 

Really because I couldn't tell by the knee high Doc Martins,
shaved head and gotee. What an ass hole 

My Strange Addiction: I fucked my chess board

What a world traveler

Pretty sure the only pussy this guy ever ate was at
China best last week

Tribute Tattoos:

Aww someone cares more about Maddox Jolie Pitt then his
mother who has no attention for him anymore because
she has 5000 other kids. Suck on that Angie, MADDOX4LIFE

"Sounds like somebody needs laser surgery."
Santa, all I want for Christmas is this shit off

What she should have done is gotten his eyebrows tattooed on her
not that that would have been a great idea, just better then this one

Where is the umbrella? That added so much to the picture!

People DO realize that he was in many more movies
which made him look more attractive...Right?

He was not

TV Show Tattoos:

Where is Tigg when you need him? This guy is an idiot.
Obviously he doesn't watch the show. 

Awww Glee, looks like these chunkers don't really practice any
of the moves on their beloved show.

Why on the thighs?

Oh yeah here is Scooby, just chillin' on my back

What the fuck is this, the tramp stamp of a 5 year old?

"Now this is a story all about how my life got turned upside down
and Id'e like to take a minute like to just sit right there and
tell you how I became the prince of a website called 'I'm a fucking idiot'."

Stupid People with Stupid Tattoos:

Post image for Teen mom star, Amber Portwood Nude Pictures Leaked (Photo)
Amber Portwood- That is a picture of her daughter whom she loves so much.
If I was her daughter I would punch her in the mouth

Janelle- YOLO, what the fuck does this mean? I have an idea
YES ORAL ejacs LOVED ON my face

Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry's tattoo on her back and shoulders
Kaylin- Who is she talking about here? Joe, Issack or Jordan?
Because the only thing that would have made this worse is a name!

What the hell is that? And why is Miley with a Baldwin brother?

This doesn't sound like it was ever a good idea.
Good news Tom Arnold, her voice could probably make that jump off your skin

Aww is he crying because he realizes he's big of an ass hole as we do?
Or because he can't get that shit off his teeth?

This tattoo almost makes me wish for a divorce 

I love you all, hope you enjoyed~ R